Tired of going through outdated tutorials?

You've been trying to get started building apps with Ionic & Firebase for a while, but everytime you try to google your way out of a problem you end up lost in a wall of outdated tutorials.

What if you could go from "Hey, what's Firebase?" to building your first app, creating an authentication system for it, and even connect it to a database?

And all of this in under a week, that's where this crash course comes to play, it will cover all the basics you need to start building Firebase and Ionic apps, and then help you get in the right direction to build comre complex functionality.

Leave your email below and we'll go together through the course šŸš€.

    WHO AM I?

    Hey ā€” Iā€™m Jorge Vergara - the developer behind JSMobileDev.

    Jorge Vergara

    I've been building apps with Ionic since the very first version, and I've been using Firebase as my backend since before Google acquired it šŸ˜‰.

    I'm a Google Developer Expert for Firebase, and currently I work as a Mobile Lead, where I spend most of my day supporting my team building enterprise apps with Ionic and Firebase.

    In my spare time, I enjoy cooking for my family or playing Nintendo, currently my son started to play FIFA so that's our go-to game until he gets bored šŸ¤£.

    Is the course updated?


    Several lessons are evergreen, meaning, they don't change with time, the rest is updated to Ionic and Firebase latest versions.

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